I am beautiful but sad

My Chrissie poo, I miss you so. I thought you were just gone for a little while but I waited and waited and then I knew…your were gone again for the long long time like the time when it was hot outside before, before the long gray time when there are no warm patches of sunshine to lie in. I can still smell you scent but it’s getting faint. I wish I had your dirty socks but I can’t find any anywhere. Tut let me go downstairs once with her to put away something in the short person’s room but you weren’t hiding. I was so excited at first, I thought you had hidden down there. I sadly walked back up the stairs hating those stupid cats that rushed down ahead of us. They always think they need to rush everywhere. Stupid cats, very very stupid. Sometimes I feel better about them but when I found you weren’t hiding on your floor I wanted to bite one of them. That little fat one would feel good between my teeth. She is a big cry baby, always following tutu everywhere and whining. She is such a big whiner cry baby fatty fatty.
I think she eats too much but tutu says she is just “big boned, a big boned gal” and we aren’t supposed to say FAT out loud or she will get self conscious and maybe “develop an eating disorder”. Well that great big cry baby fatty pants just eats too much. I might be a little cranky from missing you.
I , however, am beautiful but sad. I keep my girlish figure and eat as much as I can whenever I can. The good thing about tutu and papa is that they are suckers and all I have to do is look at them with my big beautiful brown eyes and look sad and they say ” whats the matter, do you want a treat?” and of course they then give me one. You know I love the kong treats the most. I get so excited when they get it ready and tutu puts me in the pantry while papa hides it. I know right away where it is but I pretend to look for it even though the scent trail is pretty obvious, just to make them happy. Papa put those organic hot dogs in it for me this week. I think he didn’t like them but I thought they were wonderful. They could use a little fat or grease in them though but oh well, better than no treat at all.
So I wait for you and wait for you and I have no way to tell how time passes because I am , after all, a dog and I don’t know what a clock is or a calendar. I just wait. I know when it’s dinner time, that’s it. and some day you will come back. I think. Maybe. I’m really not so sure though as your scent is dimmer and dimmer. Please send me a dirty sock. I love you.
your Nana dog



Life as a dog in the country


All five of my people are home and life is back to normal. I find a nice spot in the shade to rest or nap while Chris works outside. Would rather sleep on a soft bed, but the cool concrete is fine as long as I’m with my buddy.

Dog Smile for the pack

I’m so happy my pack is all together at last! I can’t stop my tail wag or my dog smile. I got to lay next to the dinner table while my pack people ate last night. The little person woke up early and I noticed the routine was the one where I get to ride in the car, so I stayed close to Chris so he wouldn’t forget I was going. We dropped off the little person at a place with lots of other little people and then we went to Home Depot and I got to walk around inside the store on my leash!



Dear Chloe, I miss you

Dear Chloe, I miss you

Dear Chloe, I miss you. I can smell you everywhere but you aren’t there! Where are you? Did you drive away in a rolling machine, or a floating house or did you fly like the winged things in the sky? Will you come back sometime so you can rub my tummy( I like that a lot) or will you disappear like the Amy person does? I just don’t understand why our pack doesn’t stay together the way it’s supposed to be. I know in my bones that we should all be sleeping in a pile together too but at night it gets weird and I don’t get to sleep on top of anyone. I’m lonely for touching and you were so good at patting and tickling and rubbing and talking to me. You are one of my favorite short people now. I don’t know a LOT of short people but you smell so good to me. Sort of like meat and sweat and sweetness. Plus I like your sound, you sound like laughing noise and happiness. Please come back to our pack sweet human girl. I love you.

My California cousin, I’ve heard so much about you


My California cousin, I’ve heard so much about you, my long lost girlfriend. More than that I feel I know you intimately just from your residual smells, still lingering like a heady French perfume on the people you guard. From those scents I know that you are a good dog, a fine barker and a dog who knows how to love her people. I also detect that you live near lots of gophers and mices. I think I love mices but I have a Sheltered existence and have never known the joy of digging for one nor the extreme pleasure of catching one in my mouth and feeling its squirming warm little body. It’s pungent and intoxicating scent, like the inside of Stan’s shoes, would drive me mad with blood lust. Or maybe it would just make me vomit. It’s hard to tell.
I know you will be jealous but today we are all going somewhere in the rolling machines. If I am right we are going to the place surrounded by water, teeming with deer and much more quietness and animal smells than the building where my people keep my bed and food. When I saw them preparing to leave I was very nervous because sometimes they take the rolling machine to the South and leave me alone! !, for many nights and days. Well, not alone but without my beloveds, Judy, Who smells like no other and Stan, who I love almost as much and whose scent is not only fabulous when he rides the two wheeled rolling thing but is as kind as my wonderful mommy, JUDY, queen of all human women, queen of my world, my true North, the center of my universe. I feel about her as you do about your Chris. She is my everything. But I know you understand.
So, I digress, but when I think of her I lose myself remembering everything about her,her voice, her manner but of course mostly the way she smells. How the delicious aromas surround her body, soothing me even during times of loud noises and frightening commotion. There I’ve done it again. So… We are going onto the boat, it is a rolling machine that floats on top of water. I wish you could be with us to enjoy it as there are so many things to look at, so many birds to bark at, so many scents, all interesting. It’s already a perfect day because I am with THEM and your people, who are nice but , well, not MY people.
So just keeping you in the loop as they say. Someday I hope the dog god deems it time we meet. Until then I remain your fluffy pretty cousin. Don’t feel bad, being straight haired and not a our reed is not the stigma it was in the past. The world continues to change. Few people will discriminate about your mixed parentage so don’t fret. I can’t help my beauty and will never draw those obvious comparisons between us. Much love., Callie, the purebred.

This is me with Kate. She loves me.

This is me with Kate. She loves me.

This is me with Kate. She loves me. I like to think its just me but I think she just loves all animals. Anyway, she told tutu I could stay with her. If tutu and papa don’t watch it I might run away to Kate’s. but for now I’m stuck with Janeen the house sitter. I don’t know why they need her. I take care of the house just fine. I sleep watch all day, I do patrol duty every time I go out, I bark at things. Lots of things. They can’t even see or smell what I bark at but believe me, they need barking at and I’m a very good barker. My bark could win best barker awards. I might enter. But only if there is a food prize.
Tutu and papa have again abandoned me. Again. And this time I fear it’s forever as they put lots of their stuff in containers and put them in Papas loud rolling machine and they even took food, but no food I like so that part is okay. Only green and red food from outside in gopher land. No meat from the cold box in the house. That’s where to best food is kept.
So now I languish here with this woman who doesn’t know my world. It’s so confusing. I think I will have to just sleep more Chris. Will you ever come back? I’m waiting and waiting. Patiently, my love is undying. But those stupid cats will drive me crazy. Vera and Chuckndave are not at all happy with tutu being gone. They told me they plan on hanging in the attic as much as possible as the new human is stupid and doesn’t play with them or brush them or even speak any cat. Now those are some mad cats. If I were Janeen I would sleep with one eye open. Like I do, most of the time. Your devoted dog slave, Nani

Me sad, you mad?

Me sad, you mad?

Me sad, you mad? Was I bad? Where are you? Do you remember me? You should come home soon. Things are so boring. Last night I heard a noise and tutu said ” go get it!” And I ran outside but the thing was hiding I guess. I never found it. I barked and barked hoping it would come out so I could chase it. I told it that it was lucky I didn’t find it and bite it. I know it was scared. It was huge. Or maybe it was a rabbit. Or a cat. Maybe a deer. But it was so scared of me. See? I’m brave and doing my job. So you can come back now. Love Nani
PS papa put that terrible nasty stuff on the back of my neck. I thought that wouldn’t happen since you were gone. Who told him?! He’s a mean man.

Does this hair band make me look fat?

Does this hair band make me look fat?

Does this hair band make me look fat? I worry about that but tutu says to not worry about it at all. I mean, I know I’m not young anymore but sometimes I worry I look F. A. T.
Today started out in a very exciting way because tutu invited me to go for a car ride! With my window open! It was so much fun going fast and smelling all the new stuff. We had to pick up papa who took his big rumble machine to a place that seems to fix other machines. I fear this means they are leaving me behind soon. I’ve heard them talking about it and I don’t think I’m invited . Abandoned again! By them. They are bad people.
Then tutu left me alone again and was gone for hours and hours and hours. Till lunch. It was so lonely and papa did not invite me into the garden or yard with him but left me in the house by myself. He is very very mean. Tutu got mad at him when she got home and found out I was locked in the house. He does not remember that I am a PACK animal and need to be with others. I am NOT a loner. I will growl at papa if he does this again but low enough that he won’t hear it since tutu says he is pretty deaf. Bad man, naughty tutu. You need to come home and rescue me Chris. I I wait and wait. Your faithful dog, Nani

I miss you chloe.

I miss you chloe.

I miss you chloe. I know we don’t hang out together much but I do love you. When you are gone its kind of too quiet and boring. When you’re here I have to be alert and ready to run and hide since you can just suddenly appear in a room yelling ” BOO” really Loud and scaring me so bad. I miss that. There aren’t very many loud or scary noises now. Once in a while the wind will slam a door and then Vera and I and Chuckndave will spin into crazy cats running away, as fast as we can. As fast as we can. We are always ready to do that but with you gone we hardly ever need to now. Like I said, it’s boring , boring, boring.
So come home as soon as you can. The house is too quiet, we all miss you, especially tutu and papa and that slobber puss Nani, who just poos outside and doesn’t even bury it like a polite cat would. It’s disgusting. But anyway she misses you and your dad. I however do not miss that mean man, your daddy, who hisses at me and scares me beyond reason. He does not like me and I would like to pee on his stuff but tutu has told me no to that so I guess I will just have to cough up hair balls and hope he steps on them in his bare feet. Love Lily the grandma cat